Sunday, August 12, 2007

Shopping Tips

Who doesn't love a good sale or getting in on racks of clothes that are clearanced out?

Tip: Hit up the end of the season clearance sales.
This weekend when we went shopping at an Outlet Mall.
We hit many great clearance racks in every store.
Since it is the end of the summer season, everything is clearanced for very reasonable prices.
Most items we purchased were around $2-$4. Some were a bit more.
We found shorts and tops for $2-$4, jeans for $7 and dress slacks for $10.

Tip: Hit Crazy Days sales.

You can find some really good deals that way too.
In our town we found a few great deals at Crazy Days.
We found shirts clearanced for $5 and jeans for our daughter clearanced for $2.

Tip: Check out the weekly sales ads.

I am big on looking in the weekly sales ads and using coupons from the sales ads.
Even when I'm shopping for groceries, I use coupons when I can.
Some stores will double your coupons too, which helps out.

Tip: you can even get the coupon on-line if you don't get the sales ad in the mail.

Just find the stores website and see what there offers are by bringing up the weekly ad
or searching their sites for coupons.

Tip: Make out a list before going out shopping.

I have my shopping list made out ahead of time.
I use an envelope filled with my coupons from each stores sales flyer already cut out.
I list each store that I plan on going to and then
each potential coupon that I could use at each store.
I don't end up purchasing at each store.

Tip: By using certain store credit cards
you'll get coupons periodically for discounts in their stores.

Tip: Shop on-line when you can.
You can also hit up end of the season clearance sales this way too.

I don't use a coupon for everything.

I just wanted to give you some ideas on how to
save money by: using coupons when shopping and hitting the clearance sales racks.

Does anyone else have any other shopping tips to share with us?


Amber said...

I don't know why, but FL never had double coupons?! I just found out about the online coupons not too long ago. Thanks for the tips!!!

God Bless,

Anonymous said...

Feel free to read my blog post of:

Laura's Couponing and refunding hints and tips

Momma Roar said...

Great ideas Lori - I love shopping at the end of the season to get clothes for next year!

MorningSong said...

Great info! I've also found it is better to buy BOGO (Buy one get one) at certain stores. For example at Publix if you have BOGO and coupons you can use a coupon for each item because they ring up a $2 item as a $1 per item rather than one $2 item and one free item. So if you had a coupon and it was BOGO you can use a coupon for each can. Does that make sense?? At Walmart they ring up one item at $0 and one item at $2 so you can only use one coupon on the one $2 can.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog, Lori and leaving such a nice compliment!

3boyz said...

love those ideas! Want to go shopping with me??

Furniture said...

It's too bad there aren't "End of the Season" Deals on furniture. You can still find some bargains if you keep your eyes open, and like you said, shop online. Here's a good page over at 5 Mins for Mom.