Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Back to School Time

Well everyone ... Its THAT time of year. The time of year when most moms are counting down the days until they can drop off their kids at the door of their local public (or private) school and not have to deal with the "hassle" of having children in their homes all day long. For us, we are blessed enough to keep our kids at home everyday. We are blessed to be their teachers, to watch them grow, to share those special moments with them. We are also blessed to witness their tantrums, whining, complaints, and well... you know how some of our days go.

Since we school year round here, there really is no beginning or end to our school days. Rather, for us, learning is a part of living and is done daily. Its not something we do because we have to but because we enjoy it and its necessary to live a fulfilling life. So ... if that's the case why am I bringing up this topic?

SALES!!! Yep ... Back to school shopping is a big event in my house. Why? When else can you get 10 glue sticks for $0.50! Schools here start back in early August, so now is the time to pick up a Sunday Newspaper full of circulars. Check out who has the best prices and go stock up on supplies for the school year! Notebooks, loseleaf paper, Notepads, Pencils, Crayons, Markers, Construction Paper, Printer Paper, Glue Sticks, Rulers, Protractors, Scissors, Erasers, Folders, and more are all on sale.

A few extra tips:

  • Buy extra crayons, markers, printer paper, and construction paper. Keep these in your gift closet. When you get an invitation to attend a party for another kid at church or scouts ... you have a great gift idea for under $1.00! What kid doesn't like new crayons (or markers) and paper???

  • For a few more dollars, you could pick up a writing tablet, coloring book, or other item to add to your crayons or markers for a gift. Also, look out for color pencils, watercolors and other art supplies on sale.

  • I often check out Michael's dollar bins and find kits and other art supplies that could be added to your gift closet. The dollar bins is a year round option and the items there are just clearance items and not your run of the mill dollar store items that will break in an hour or less.

  • Buy nice quality backpacks now. Save these as gifts for Christmas or Birthdays. These can be used as Hiking Daypacks for your little ones. Add in a $0.99 first aid kits, a water bottle, a disposable camera, and few other goodies ... and now you are set for nature walks on the go!

  • Check out sales on shoes. A lot of places have buy 1 get 1 half off or better sales now. If your kids are going to need shoes soon ... now is the time to go. I usually buy half a size bigger than what they are currently wearing that way they will be perfect come late October.

  • For us in Arizona, now is NOT the time to buy clothes. Wait until the rush is done. At the beginning of September, you will find lots of 75% of sales from all the left over back to school clothes no one wanted. Thats when you buy clothes for the kiddos! Only buy summer clothes in at least 1 size bigger. Last thing you want is for a growth spurt to hit during winter and all the new clothes go to waste.

  • Look for large lunchboxes. Sometimes you can find family size ones on sale at this time. If not -- wait until the end of summer clearance sales. Purchase one for your family to take with you when going on long outings or picnics.

So .... What are your back to school traditions? Do you go shopping at the sales? What are your tips for this time of year? Write about it on your blog and leave us a comment with your link. I can't wait to read all of your thoughts on this!!


Lori said...

All great ideas.
I go for sales!!!! I buy most all of the kids school supplies on sale. I watch for the adds to come out and then head to the store.
One great thing in our town small town here you can just take the add in and they match the sales price.

Katja from said...

Great post!

I posted some starting school tips on my blog last week:

We practise making school lunches and are coming up with new recipes. It's great way to get kids involved and then they'll remember the summer picnics and our "kitchen experiments" when back in school eating the same lunch!

Katja from Skimbaco

Amber said...

I'm all over the shoe sales, and pencils, we go through them like water. I love back to school sales, thanks!

0:) Amber

Just Mom said...

I've loved back-to-school sales since middle school. Seriously. I love all those school supplies, new clothes, etc., etc. My kid's only 4, but I can't wait to shop.

Good post.

Grafted Branch @ Restoring the Years said...

Good ideas here. I had to comment when you mentioned Arizona; I grew up in Mesa. :)

MorningSong said...

I love the idea of getting extra for gifts. I never would have thought of this!! Thanks for the idea!

Tiany said...

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Michelle said...

We make sure we don't do school the first day of public school.

The entire day they make comments about all the "poor kids" in school :-)