Sunday, August 5, 2007

School in the Pool

Is cool! That's what my children think anyway.

After reading Chickadee's post Loose Change, the title reminded me of a game I made up a couple of years ago when my children were learning to count money. We ended up calling it Money Pool.

It all began on a hot summer day...just kidding, but it was HOT! Anyway, one day the children were swimming in our little 5ft. round pool. Soon after they were getting bored, so I found some loose change in my pocket and threw in a few coins for them to fish for. Unfortunately, that didn't last long, remember the pool was only 5ft wide.

Then I had another thought, I took the rest of the change out of my pocket and threw in the whole handful. I gave them about 15-20 seconds to collect as many coins as possible. Now, here's the twist, the object of the game wasn't who collected the most coins, that's too easy. They had to count the money and whose ever added up to be the most won! It was a HIT! Even today they still love to play Money Pool!

If you have any games you've made up for your child(ren), we'd love to hear about them.

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MorningSong said...

Such a great idea! What a fun game!! :)

It is great finding the many FUN ways there are to learn!

3boyz said...

What a great idea!! I love it ... now if only the boys would learn how to swim.

Lori said...

What a great idea. Fun way to learn how to count money.

You are very creative.
Most of the learning games we've played are Discovery Toys games. They have many games that are great for learning. I've done the preschool learning books with both kids to help them learn. Another game that was great for helping my kids learn how to spell is Boogle Jr.

Dawnelle said...

Great idea, Amber!

Momma Roar said...

What a great idea Amber!!

diana said...

this game sounds like fun - a game I would like to play (and, of course, i would win - lol).

the best games are the ones that a made up - by the parents or the kids.

jodi said...

I love the money pool idea! I will have to remember that in a couple of years.

weavermom said...

My Punkin is in a total "money" phase, so this is a great idea! Thanks!