Monday, August 6, 2007

Parenting! Prayer!

"We try to do the best we can raising our children. Then, just when we think we've got the parenting terrain all figured out, we suddenly find ourselves in new territory again as each new age and stage presents another set of challenges. Sometimes we sail through smoothly. Sometimes we encounter tempests and tidal waves. Sometimes we get so tired that we just want to give up - let the storm take us where it will."

"We don't have to be tossed and turned by these winds of change. Our children's lives don't ever have to be left to chance."

"We don't have to pace the floor anxiously, biting our nails, gnawing our knuckles, dreading the terrible twos or torturous teens....Nor do we have to be perfect parents."

The good news is, we can start right now, this very minute to make a positive difference in our child's future.

"At every stage of their lives our children need and will greatly benefit from our prayers. The key is not trying to do it all by ourselbes all at once, but rather turning to the expert parent of all time - our Father God - for help. Then, taking one step at a time, we must cover every detail of our child's life in prayer. There is great power in doing that, far beyond what people imagine. In fact, don't ever under-estimate the power of a praying parent." From Stormie Omartian's The Power of a Praying Parent

After beginning this book, the Lord stirred up a desire in me to share this burden of prayer for my children with other parents.

Out of this desire, came a blog - a become a place where you can come and say a prayer for your children (old or young). To read more and begin to pray with me for our children, click below.

a parent's prayer blog

"The battle for our children's lives is waged on our knees. When we don't pray, it's like sitting on the sidelines watching our children in a war zone getting shot at from every angle. When we do pray, we're in the battle alongside them, appropriating God's power on their behalf." (S.O.)



Amber said...

Wonderful idea! I look forward to it!

God Bless,

MorningSong said...

Great idea! I am headed over now to see check it out!

diana said...

i'll say it again...

our prayers for our children are powerful, and sometimes, all we can do in particularly hard times.

congrats, leigh ann, on another great project.

Kristie said...

Just checked it out. At times prayer is all there is that we can do as a parent especially in those beloved teen years!!!! Not a day goes by that I do not lift my children up and ask for God's protection, guidance, wisdom, for them.

Summershine said...

I pray on my knees and silently in my heart so many times a day for my children. We have family prayer in the morning and evening as well.
I think it is very important to teach our chldren to pray, and even better is to start at a very young age. They will learn this better through example, if they see us on our knees every now and again pouring our hearts out to God.
Thanks for this post.

Lori said...

What a great post and great idea.
There is power in prayer.
I am heading over to check the site out.

3boyz said...

Thanks for such a great idea! I will be visiting you each week and praying over the boyz!!