Saturday, August 18, 2007

Go Figure

After having a baby 3 months ago, I realized that I really need to lose weight and try to get my figure back....I'm not expecting miracles, but at least I'd like to get back to a healthy weight.

I'm glad I'm not alone, it's always nice to have support, someone to encourage and motivate you to keep you going. That's why we decided to start a new feature called Go Figure!

Every Friday we are going to share tips on exercise, weight loss and health. We'd love for you to join us and let us know what works for you.

I'm not a fitness guru or anything, but I'll clue you in on the 2 things that have always worked for me, walking and Nutter Butters water! Several years ago when I first tried to lose weight, my dear, sweet mother bought me a set of Away the Pounds tapes off of an infomercial....I know what you're thinking....well, not really, but I'll tell you what I was thinking. "Nothing works like they say it does on TV!" But since I had the tapes and no money came from my pocket, I thought I'd give it a shot....and guess what ladies, it worked!!!!

I'm not talking about 10 pounds in 10 days, I'm NOT an infomercial-LOL! It took a good 3-4 months to lose about 30 pounds, one reason I liked the tapes so much was because Leslie (the creator of "In Home Walking") wasn't FAKE!!! I did make an effort to eat healthier and drinking water was a big part of it. It wasn't easy, believe me, but I managed by the grace of God to stick with it and now I'm going to try to do it again! Are ya with me, because I have some great news!

Leslie Sansone's In Home Walking has agreed to sponsor us! That's right, they are helping us kick off "Go Figure" by donating Leslie Sansone's Walk Slim System!!!

How great is that! Are you excited?! I know I am!

Now I know you are all just dying to get your hands on this, so here's what you gotta do to enter.

1. Add our "Go Figure" button to your sidebar...yep another button-LOL!

2. Blog about this contest and link Leslie Sansone's website.

3. Share a weight loss tip you know, that will help others.


A. You MUST email us the answer! (Subject line: Go Figure Contest)

B. You can only look for the answer ON HER SITE! (No cheating, let's play fair.)

C. If you get the answer correct, your name will be entered twice. Good luck moms!!!

4. Leslie Sanson is the spokesperson for which company?

5. Don't forget to sign Mr. Linky.

The winner will be chosen next Friday....Go Figure;)


eyecorn said...

Fun contest. You know I'm game. ksdksddsk (oops, twinkie-covered fingers are slipping) So, which tip should I share...the ewieoweoius (that creamy filling is so stinkin' sticky!) duct-tape-on-the-mouth-during-PMS tip? or the don't-announce-your-weight-loss-amount-on-the -Internet-cuz-your-sure-to-gain-it-back tip? And, wow, what a great sponsor and prize. I'm with ya! I've hit a plateau after 22 pounds. Could it be the twinkies?

Lori said...

Great post Amber.
I'm hoping to stick with a regular exercise program. Good luck to you with yours.

Lori said...

P.S. Thanks for kicking off this program.

My tip for the week is up on my blog.

Penless Thoughts said...

I think this is great that you gals are going to do this. I have one of Leslie's tapes.

diana said...

GO figure... i say that all the time. GO FIGURE, GO FIGURE, GO FAR FAR AWAY!

great post amber. good luck everyone.

Anonymous said...

I have been trying to lose all the weight I have gained over the last 9 years due to 6 pregnancies. I have already lost 10 lbs but I need to lose many more.

One of the things I have been doing to lose weight is walking. We walk a mile each night, although we haven't in the last couple of weeks do to extreme heat and humidity here. I also have been drinking lots and lots of water. Two 32oz mugs of water to be exact.

Water + walking = a slow but gradual weight loss that has helped me lose inches as well as pounds. I've dropped a whole size in my skirts!

Saturday's Edition of Contests Galore (my tip is in the blurb)

Cathy Miller said...

I love this contest....I could use all the encouragement that I can get.....I have made my post with the weight loss tip. Gool Luck to everyone.

jessica said...

Would love to win this I love leslie and her tapes!
mom2maria at hotmail

Anonymous said...

I never have time to exercise. This year my son's football practice is two hours, three nights each week. I have no excuse for not walking. At first, I reasoned that it was way too hot, but if my son can practice for two hours in the heat, I can walk 15-30 minutes in the heat. It has helped with weight loss, and it's healthy!!

Put aside your excuses and start finding ways to sneak in walking.

Kimberly said...

Hello all! My biggest tip I have to share...especially as a woman with cravings! LOL I am still eating DQ blizzards and Pizza!!! I lost 6 pounds my first week. I have started counting my calories with
It gives you an estimate of how many calories you need to eat to get to your goal weight. I am not a big exerciser right now...In Texas it is 100 degrees and I have a almost 3 year old at home. It is hard to do anything but calorie counter has really helped me a lot. HUGS and good luck ladies!!

Amber said...


I loved the PMS post, but I gotta check out the rest!

Anonymous said...

I am really excite about this contest. I have been using Leslie's system most of the summer. It has been a slow and gradual adventure. I have been enjoying my walks. I am up to about 3 miles a day. That is so wonderful. I posted a tip on my blog if you would like to check it out.

Brandy said...

I love these DVDs! I have 3 already! They are so great!!! I want to win!

Sarah said...

I love Leslie! She is so motivating, and inspiring! I think this contest is so great! I really hope I can win this one! A tip to share...hmmm, don't eat? Just kidding. I would say to not buy the "junk" food, that way it isn't in the house and it isn't a temptation. Also, (I know it is another tip) but I think it is good to have "healthy" snacks around in those emergency times when you have the munchies! Thanks! Count me in for go figure! I am posting this on my blog right now...

Heather said...

What a fun contest prize! I plan on being ready to jump on the wagon with you come January, after I am recovered from baby #7.

Liz Dixon said...

How fun! Great contest! I'm in! :) Good luck MOMS!

Kay in PA said...

Sorry about the double on mr. linky, I accidentally hit the enter button before my link was copied in.

Brandy said...

I changed the button on my link. Thank you for your words of encouragement! God bless you!

Wendy said...

Amber, thanks for letting me know about the change to the button. It's all fixed on my site now.

Glad you enjoyed the post. You've got to have a sense of humor when you're trying to get in shape, don't you think? :)

Alycia said...

Oh, I want to join in too! I'm a little late (been on a blogging break) but I will join in this Friday!! I love your MTM blog!!