Thursday, August 30, 2007

Controlling the Chaos in the Grocery Aisle

I was planning to post something else, but after reading WeaverMom's entry yesterday, I had to back her up! I have to agree 100%, having a meal plan is a HUGE time saver in our household too, but right now I can only handle one week at a time--I am striving to be as organized as WeaverMom and be able to have a 6-week menu. I just started to rotate them around since I've made my Handy Dandy Grocery List.

This has been another extremely helpful time saver for me. I look at my weekly menu , which look something like this

Then I grab my shopping list and start marking what I need for that week. (I keep a copy of it and save it for the next time I use this weekly menu, keeps me from having to do it all over again.)

After that, I fill in the rest of the necessities we need and VOILA! When Saturday comes I get just what I's fast and easy! (Fortunately we have another refrigerator in the garage, which really helps me to do a one-day-a-week shopping.)

So that is one way I control the chaos in our house, how about you?

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Melissa Markham said...

We also keep a standing list on our refrigerator door. One for Sam's and one for Walmart/Food Lion. As things run out, we put them on the list, this helps keep me from having to search around the house to see what necessities we are low on.

Lori said...

This is a great idea Amber.

I just write my grocery list down on a piece of paper.
This looks better. It is organized by the sections.

P.S. can I get your recipe for London Broil.

weavermom said...

Thanks for backing me up - love your grocery list!

MorningSong said...

Great lists!! I am a bit overwhelmed by the 6 page grocery list though! I guess with a large family - this is a necessity. For our little world that list would seem daunting!! :) You are my grocery list hero! haha


Short Stop said...

This is amazing. I love the grocery list. I had never thought to type it up and then just check off what I need and make notes. This is SO inspiring!

Thanks for sharing this! :)

Just Mom said...

FABULOUS HINTS Amber and WeaverMom. I have GOT to get on the ball with this. Let me figure out the homeschooling thing first, though. ;-D

By the way, my jaw dropped at your grocery list. HOLY SMOKES that's a lot of people to feed. But what fun you all must have at the dinner table. :-D

Momma Roar said...

These are so great Amber - it helps to have a visualize of what others use to organize! Between you and WeaverMom getting us organized - we'll be multi-taskin' in the grocery stores and kitchens around the world! :D

Mary@notbefore7 said...

I love knowing the tips from a mom of 7! You go. This is awesome! This is similar to what I have for BJ's trips, but haven't done it for Giant. now, I am feeling inspired.

Alycia said...

I am so encouraged by these helpful tips Amber! What a blessing it is to me! I think I need to make a master grocery list also rather than rewriting one each week. Have a great weekend everyone!

chickadee said...

i sure needed this today in the grocery store when i had to go back to the back 3 times because of stuff i forgot.

Jessie said...

That is a very good idea!

We also keep a running list on the fridge but when my husband goes to the store instead of me I put the items in order of aisles so I receive less phone calls :)

Anonymous said...

Having a menu planned ahead is the best thing I can think of.

I make mine a month at a time because I shop a month at a time with just small trips once a week for hubby to stop in on his way home from work on Friday's to pick up any fresh veggies we may need.

I make a grocery list as I make up my menu.