Friday, August 31, 2007

Get Your Body in Motion!

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With school days in full strength we know the fall is coming soon! Our thoughts begin to turn towards removing the summer clothes from our closets and replacing them with the comforts of fall. Long sleeves and pants are the armor of the day. Good bye shorts and tanks, hello winter breezes. Many tend to let their health and/or exercise regimens fall to the side. The smell of baking is in the air, candy begins to fill our pantries in hopes for trick or treaters. Is that a turkey headed towards the oven? Ahem.. I digress! :)

We should be health conscious all year long. But what fun is that? We are approaching the time of year that the weather is a pure delight! But do not blink - it will be oh so cold before you know it. Why not rent a Space Walk for a day and jump away with your kids? Or go out with the kids to jump on that trampoline? Talk about family fun! You would be surprised at the aches you would feel after such a family fun time. Not to mention - bonds forged.

Ok, does that not work for you? Do you have the latest and greatest Wii game?? I have heard raves about how this game gets you up and moving. I am not a 'gamer' but I must admit, this is on my Christmas wish list! Or dance around with your child to some upbeat music. Try doing that for 10 minutes without a break! (I did this yesterday and, I must admit, my calves are throbbing. So you may want to stretch first.) Keep it fun!! The more fun, the better! If you include your child AND keep it fun, you are changing your life and theirs.

I was watching a re-run of Oprah last week and the guest was Dr. Oz. I love Dr. Oz! He just seems so logical and easy going! He was sharing a recent statistic. 1 of every 2 women will die of heart disease. 1 out of 2 women will die of heart disease! It is the number one killer of women.

Our diets matter, our intake of water matters, our exercise matters, our health matters, WE matter! Little changes do make a difference. You do not have to starve yourself to death or avoid every single food on the no-no list. Pick one thing and change it! Did you know getting your heart rate up 90 minutes per week will help your heart??? 90 minutes per week! That is nothing! We can all do that! We just need a buddy. Someone who will push us and get us up and moving. If we can make an effective change in our lives, we will change the next generation. Our daughters will become accustomed to an active lifestyle and may have less health scares than we do today.

As I was getting my morning tea, my mornings start with sweet iced tea. Not coffee! I know - the horror (My day used to begin with an iced cold Coca Cola! heehee). Anyway, as I was drinking my TEA, and thinking about this post, I thought - "It's not like this tea is going to kill me or anything." I do not know how to tell you what happened next. It was weird. I thought, I've heard that phrase somewhere before, and then I had the worst feeling!' YIKES, I felt unsettled in my spirit. Does it sound familiar to you? {"You will not surely die." said the Serpant.} Genesis 3:4. It may not kill me on the spot, but what is it doing to my quality of life today? What is it doing to my quality of life in 10 years? I realized that I can be like Eve, and throw caution to the wind, or I can take the little warnings I'm given and step into LIFE. We are accountable for our choices! This God Moment reminded me that there ARE consequences to our choices ladies!! Whether we like it or not.

Drink water - ok I'm guilty of filling my tank with sugary substances and carbonated beverages! Lets drink water!! Good ole H2O! I know it doesn't have that kick we need, but we can add a squeeze of lemon or lime and retrain our taste buds. Take baby steps but, like a baby, keep making new progress. Don't get stuck!! What if we all joined together, as a chord, that we could lean on during a weak time? Let's throw out the scale, rip the size tags out of our clothes and take one thing at a time! Let's get that heart rate up 90 minutes a week, for now, and celebrate that victory. Let's start with 32 ounces of water a day for a week and then increase it! We can all be honest here. None of us have arrived!

Let's beat this heart disease statistic! Let's link arms and accomplish these 2 small goals - 32 ounces of water a day for the next week and increase our heart rate (ie walk, jog, jump in a Space Walk, dance) for 90 minutes this week. Are you game? I know I am! I want to pass on a legacy of healthy choices and not health defying ones. Will you join me?? Can you drink 32 ounces of water EVERY DAY (7 days) this week? Will you get that heart rate up for 90 minutes this week, if so, sign Mr. Linky and share how you keep your workouts fun? I will post my accomplishments in 7 days and I ask you to do the same!


Jeannie said...

What a great post and I am so excited to get ready to join you guys on this. I am not going to link to mr linky yet, This sunday I will be taking my measurments and posting my goals for the week( I start Monday), and then I will post to mr linky. This is going to be so much fun, thank you for doing this and in such a Godly manner to let the LORD be our TRAINER...BLESS YOU

diana said...

i liked your God moment. it made me have more empathy for eve. it's so easy to believe the little lies and they really do have the potential to change our lives in some way.

i'm going to take you up on your challenge. maybe because i don't think it will be too hard for me. but it's a start - baby steps like you said. thanks.

Lori said...

Great idea Melodye.
So important to drink lots of water, exercise, and eat healthy.

I will join you in drinking 32oz of water a day and exercising 90 min.

Lori said...

P.S. Forgot to share ways to make your workout's fun:

I like to walk with friends or with my family. That makes it fun for me as the visiting passes the time.

Becky said...

Good motivation, Lori. I am a HUGE water drinker already. Much more than 32 ozs a day. And I start every morning with a 3 mile walk. I still need to lose 20 pounds. But I'm healthy!

Amber said...

I'm doin' it Mel...well, I'm trying, had water.


Momma Roar said...

This is a great post and challenge.

I had 24 oz of water today after walking on the treadmill!!

I keep work outs fun by trying to change what I do so it doesn't feel too routine. has a great treadmill workout to burn fat and calories - its a 12 week program and it has a variety of different workouts. Cardio walk, incline walk, cardio w/ stregthening moves - its really good and makes the workout more fun b/c its different than yesterday.

MorningSong said...

Great ladies!! I know 32 oz isn't a lot of water. But if you are not drinking much water at all, it is a start!

I look forward to seeing if I can accomplish the 2 goals! I haven't started off too well today. I've had a killer headache that kept me in bed most of the day! Pure survival mode today! I'm off to drink some water now!


Just Mom said...

Does the water in coffee count? Just thought I'd ask. :-D

I'll do the 32 oz. of water a day thing for sure. I'm still figuring out a schedule to get exercise in my day.

Great post.

Anonymous said...

I can do the 32oz water no problem... I already drink 2 big mugs (32oz travel mug) a day... sometimes I get three or almost three in. I am slowly working my way to getting that third one drank.

I have lost a total of 12 pounds just by drinking water and walking. We were walking a mile a night but due to the heat and humidity here, we haven't in about three weeks. So I've been sweating it off apparently as our ac is on the fritz.

weavermom said...

I'm in!

I exercise already, but need to work on drinking water!

I keep exercise fun (and accountable which I definitely need) by meeting a neighbor to walk. It's fun girl time and I get my exercise in!

Kristie said...

I drink more than 32 oz of water every day and started going to a place similiar to "Curves" 4-5 days a week 2 weeks ago!!! I like to get my workout in early in the morning so I don't have to think of it the rest of the day and I have a couple friends that have started going with me as well which makes the time go by quickly and helps motivate me to get out of bed at 5:30 AM!!

I also make a point of walking to all church meetings which sometimes can be 3 Xs per week our church is 1.25 miles away so I get a 2.5 mile walk!!!

Mary@notbefore7 said...

Melodye, I have been wanting to write a post, but time is slipping away and I haven't. But, this has been on the forefront of my mind all week. I am making a much better effort at drinking water and less tea! Baby steps!

tumbleweeds said...

Hey ladies: I want to apologize to you guys if you try to go to my post from the mr linky, I had a anonymous commenter blast me for posting my before shots.... if anyway I offended any of you then i do apologize.... This person of hate attacked me and my faith and used my befor shots for this weight loss getting healthy challenge. To call me a immodest so called Christian, So in a fit of emotion I deleted the post instead of deleting the commenter.... I will still keep my befor shots up just in a file on my blog under pictures.... I will now have to re do the post someway so my stats are still recorded.... since Monday I have been walking one mile a day and drinking more water, and I have started taking vitamins again..... I look forward to more updates in the days to come

MorningSong said...

I forgot to link my post of my update - but I did ok. Not as well as I hoped. So far my water intake is much better this week! That is my first focus. I want my heart rate to go up but for now I will still be encouraged that my water is increasing. That is huge!

Blessings to you all!