Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Wednesdays with WeaverMom

Congrats Marsha at Our Homeschool and Other Such Happenings! You won the drawing for the beautiful jewelry from BeadAttitude, so send us an email with your address and we'll send that to you. A sincere thanks to all of you that entered. I really enjoyed reading all of your romance stories.

(You really should check out the beautiful post Marsha wrote about everyday romance. )

How do you get ready for Christmas? Do you do anything special to keep the focus on the birth of Jesus?

Christmas - already!! But Halloween isn't even here yet. And... hel-LO!... Let's don't overlook Thanksgiving.

I agree 110%, but I also know that every year about December 20th, I'm wishing that I had been organized enough to not have to go to the mall. So many people, the kids are exhausted, no parking spots. Oh. my.

This is my year to not go crazy in December. Come on, do it with me.

I have used the ideas from this website for a couple of years and I really like it. (My goal this year is to actually DO it on the timetable she suggests!) I can't say it any better - great tips, realistic, review your values so you have YOUR desired Christmas - it's wonderful. Organized Christmas, here we come. She has notebook pages already made out for you - all you have to do is print them out and fill them in. The planning is designed to be done by December 1 so you have the whole month to party and enjoy - so it starts this week!

I think being organized and reducing the stress helps me keep Jesus at the center. If I'm not worried about presents, Christmas cards, and shipping then I can take the time to read the Christmas story to the kids, and be available to serve others during the hectic season.

Here are some more links I love:
Teaching Moms Advent Calendar - She hasn't updated for 2007, but 2006 is still there. It has devotional ideas, movies, crafts, books and more suggestions for every day. Not everything is Christian perspective, but much of it is. It is an amazing, albeit slightly overwhelming at times, resource.

I love the idea of a Jesse Tree - it has ornaments representing different people and stories in the bible that point to Jesus. This site has ideas on how to make your own, and patterns for each of the ornaments suggested.

You'll have to scroll down toward the bottom, but Danielle's Place has an Advent Countdown with a little trinket and a devotion for each day in December. We need something super simple this year, so I'm planning to combine this with a variation of this idea from Family Fun. (psst.. Michael's has little stockings for 69 cents each.)

And, lastly, here is an Advent Coloring Book that I think is wonderful to keep little hands busy during Christmas Eve services.

Share, share - how do you make Christmas special at your house?


Amber said...

OHHHH!!! I was planning on doing Jesse's Tree this year!!! Thanks for the AWESOME links!!!

0:) Amber

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing the information. I will have to check it all out.

Heidi Jo said...

i plan on doing the jesse tree this year as well. and we always do an advent wreath and sing, "Stay awake, be ready...we do not know the hour when the Lord is coming..." each night before Christmas.

i read a great article in my faith and family magazine about doing a 'craft exchange' for the ornaments needed for it (jesse tree). it gave great examples of a hand made item for each day. i think that there are 27 total. so instead of buying supplies to make 27 different ornaments you find 27 people to do one ornament 27 times and exchange them.

loved the idea...

Anonymous said...

This is GREAT!!!
I really love the Advent Devotional and will USE IT!!!

We put the nativity scene in the front, under the tree. Afterall, wasn't He the greatest gift of all!!!
Furthermore, as the presents are layed under the tree, nothing goes infront of it! This way, it remains our focus!
We also DO NOT lay Jesus in the manger! "Somehow", he magically appears there Christmas Morning!!! FUN!

Christy. said...

Oh, my favorite topic!
I have been doing Organized Christmas for a few years now. It is so helpful! I have about 80% of my shopping done, my Christmas letter almost finished and my cards already purchased and I am really excited about the holidays. When you are not stressed out you can enjoy the real reason for Christmas.
A tradition we did when I was growing up was to have each person give a present to Jesus. We would memorize a verse or paint a picture or write a prayer. On Christmas morning we would each take turns, my parents included, giving our presents to Jesus. This will be the first year that two of our kids will be old enough to do this and I am so excited to start this tradition.
Something that we started when Avery was born was to only buy each kid one present. We buy something they would really like and play with all year. We do not set a dollar limit as it varies each year. This year Cohen's gift only cost $28 but it is something he will play with for years to come, lincoln logs. Avery's was only $60 this year where last year her's was $100. The dollar amount is not the important thing but rather a gift they will enjoy. Would Jesus really want us to go into debt to celebrate His birthday?
For all the neices, nephews and other relative's kids I choose one thing and buy that for each of them. This year I did kid baking mixes that only require two ingredients so the kids can make them. They are all whole grain and healthy, plus they taste nummy! I got kid-sized spatulas and they are all set.
When we are organized and prepared for the holidays we have time to bake, go to parties and decorate our homes in peace and not chaos!

Sorry for such a long post, I just love this topic!!!

kdwhorses said...

Thanks for the great post! I can say we do not do alot of decorating at all. We put up stockings and a small tree. And we let the focus remain on Jesus. We do not buy alot for Christmas. The kids get one big present and 2 small ones and then the stocking. We do not buy for others, I bake or make things to give out. It makes alot more work for me, but the kids love to help and I like to get handmade instead of store bought. That is just a few things that we do for Christmas.

Marsha said...

Woohoo! Thanks!!!

As far as Christmas goes, I am proud to report that this year I have finally done most of my shopping early.

SO, theoretically, that should free me up to have some great activities and other memorable things planned and actually carried out this year.

We'll see how it goes!

Just Mom said...

COOL! Thanks, WeaverMom. :-D

Momma Roar said...

You are always so full of great ideas! I've gotta get on the ball so that we can enjoy Christmas more - it was easier last year with a baby due...and I can't keep having babies in Dec just so I get my shopping done!

But, I do have a shopping date set with my sister in early Nov....hang on, that's coming up - I gotta get a list together