Thursday, October 11, 2007

Controlling the Chaos

Make Ahead Meals
One way to control the chaos around our home is to prepare meals ahead.
When I am going to brown hamburger instead of just browning one skillet worth
I brown 2 or 3 or 4 skillets of burger.
My thought is why mess the oven up twice
Or why have a big pile of dishes 2 or 3 extra times.
Plus I am already standing there spending my time browning up one skillet
why not brown up more and then have more meals prepared ahead.
Meals that I make with my browned hamburger are :
BBQ's, tacos, spaghetti meat, chili, meat for pizza, and hot dishes.
If it isn't something that we are going to eat right away that week I just freeze it.

I sure do have a mess in the kitchen but it is so worth it.
It saves me lots of time later.
On busy days all I have to do is pull out my frozen BBQ meat
and then add a veggie to it and make some french fries.
Pull out my spaghetti meat and then all that I have to do
is boil up some noodles and add a veggie.
Grab chili out of the freezer and add a few extras to the meal.
the frozen hamburger can also be used for lazagna or hotdishes.

This is one of the ways that I control the chaos around our home.
This works for me.
Now I don't do this all the time...maybe once a month or so.
It sure helps when you in a pinch.

What type of meals do you make when you are busy and on the go?


Heidi Jo said...

ya know it's little things like that, that NEVER just pop into my head to do~ kind of makes me wonder if i was not cut out for this mother-hood domesticity role....

great suggestion and i think i'll do just that next time i'm browning hamburger!

Highday said...

I actually do the hamburger thing, but not a lot else. It's a great way to save time(heidi~ lol!).

My one other thing I do each week is cut up all the veggies for the week and put in baggies- like chopped for soup, or sliced to cook~ whatever. I hate having to cut them up the day of.

And if I ever make homemade lasagne (only happens once or twice a year) I always double the recipe- and sometimes triple, and then freeze the others for later use.


kdwhorses said...

I would say the kids favorite meal in a pinch is homemade pizza. Make the crust and then clean out the frig and load it high! I do the hamburger thing at times. Or I will do the same with chicken and use later in the week. It does save time. Thanks for the great reminders!

Adena said...

I do the hamburger thing sometimes too. I just have to remember to not do it with the hamburger that I thawed out unless I am going to use it all. (You know that "never freeze twice" rule.) I do chicken breasts the same way too.

Anna said...

Good suggestions!

Short Stop said...

You're so right, Lori! Make ahead meals sure do help with the craziness of our days. I love having things I can just pull out of the freezer.

Momma Roar said...

I never thought to do this with hamburger, but I do it with chicken. I cook a whole chicken in the crock pot and then divide up the meat and freeze. A quick and easy pull - just like you said! I'll have to do this with my ground beef now too!

Mommy Lynda said...

I am getting ready to stock my freezer with these recipes. I am due in January, so I want to have my freezer stocked before christmas. I know it will be hard for me to try and get dinner on the table with 2 kids running around and an infant in my arms. Just trying to make it easier on my husband to get it on the table. Keep the recipes coming!