Friday, October 12, 2007

Go Figure: Motivation

GooooooooOOOOOOOO Figure! Sometimes I want to say that like a cheerleader...

Go Figure! Sometimes I want to say it sarcastically as I talk about my weight...

GO FIGURE! Today, I want to say it as motivation for us to GET UP & GET MOVING!

Here's what is motivating me to exercise.

For about 5 or 6 weeks now, I've been setting my alarm for 5:30am (and actually getting up) and walking. Just this week, I've noticed several pounds have slipped away. Before I get too excited, because I think they are just hiding behind the closet door in the bathroom, this does motivate me to keep moving. Even though 5:30 is reeeeeaaaaaaly early (and I'm not a morning person) it has been a great start to my day.

While the lost 'baggage' is a wonderful outcome, I've found a hidden blessing in all this. And I believe this is the biggest blessing God's been wanting to give to me. I've been trying to have my devotions before walking - and I've found this allows me to spend time thinking over what I just read. That time of Bible reading and study is followed with a nice long talk with God. Just me and Him - and the hum of the treadmill.

I have uninterrupted time to focus on what I just read. With the craziness that begins when everyone gets out of bed, this made a huge difference in our days. I feel more prepared to start the day!

Psalms 118:24 kjv says, "This is the day which the Lord has made, we will rejoice and be glad in it."

I'm rejoicing and glad that I've been able to start my day in the Word and on my feet!

So, today, I want to ask: Do you have something that motivates you to exercise?


Just Mom said...

Well ... no. Not until now, that is. This post has motivated me to start exercising. :-D

Short Stop said...

I think it's so awesome that you have been so committed to this! You are GREAT encouragement.

What motivates me to exercise? Right now, I'm pretty much not doing any...but after the little bean is born, it will be that baby weight!

Penless Thoughts said...

Loved your sharing this, Leigh Ann.

weavermom said...

How much better I feel in the early afternoon!

What a great plan for your morning - I have to reverse them and exercise first or I fall asleep while I'm trying to praying. How sad is that??!!

Lori said...

Great post Leigh Ann.
Good luck with your exercise program. Sounds like you are doing great. Great idea to read a bible study and then exercise.

Things that motivate me to exercise:
*Having a friend that holds me accountable
*Having a membership at a local fitness center
*Wanting to loose a little weight and look and feel better

What I need to do in download some great Christain music on Derek's ipod or somehow figure out how I could listen to music while exercising...that would help pass the time.
I've found myself praying, and reciting bible verses, Christain music and prayers that I have memorized while on the bike, treadmill, and eliptical machines.

Mary@notbefore7 said...

I am with Lori - walking with a friend helps me!!!

sahmqueen said...

Just curious, what do you read for your devotional time? Do you have a "read thru Bible plan? Also, what time do you have to go to bed to get up that early? You have inspired me to get up at 6:50 instead of 7:00 hahaha

Pray for this morning hater!