Thursday, October 18, 2007

Tricks of the trade when Daddy's away.

Business trip for Dad = full week for Mom. Not only because Dad is gone, but because I fill our schedule with more activities than normal too. On a normal day, when Dad is home, my kids begin asking 'When is Daddy coming home?' from about 4 pm on. So when Dad is out of town, I must keep them SOO busy that I do NOT hear 'When's Daddy coming home Mom?'

We have a few regular commitments during the week but I always eliminate the nap and add another activity for each day, when Dad's away. My hubby left on Sunday, so I did try to make Sunday a little more fun than usual, and I think I went a bit too far with my plans and locked us out of the house. That was a GREAT adventure! :) On Monday, we added a lunch date with friends that led to a play date at the park. Double fun! The rest of the week was more of the same. 'No, you do not need a nap today because.... we. are. going. to. the. park.' I am the hero for the week and the kids literally melt into bed. Talk about a win win!

Another thing I do when Daddy is away is make sure we have cooked our meals in bulk the weeks prior to his trip. That leaves me with only re-heating meals. Such a life saver!!! We've had leftover Roast, Chili, Vegetable Beef Soup, Chicken/Sausage Jambalaya, Sloppy Joe's, Chicken 'n Dumplins y'all, and Spaghetti. Not an exciting variety, but I didn't have to cook. :)

The kids love to make a special craft or color page for Dad (often they make him several). We work on their creation and put it on Daddy's desk so he can find it upon walking in the door. Unless it is super late, I let the kids stay up late to wait for Dad and we have an ice cream party or popcorn. Something special. My kids LOVE to hide from Daddy and let him seek them, so they get the thrill of him walking in the door.

This last time HC has known the day Daddy is coming home. So we have used our school calendar to remind her how far/near his return is. We put a special sticker on the date and she can see if we are closer to his arrival. The hardest part for me is getting good rest. I find it hard to fall asleep when hubby is away. By mid-week I am worn out (my kids are EARLY risers). But since I have prepared ahead of time, my week isn't nearly as tiring as it could have been.
What tricks work for you?


kdwhorses said...

My husband goes out of town very regularyly to work cows. I do not schedule anything extra on that week, we slow down and take it easy. We sometimes rent a movie, play outside, etc. I do cook when he is gone, but it is things the kids and I like. (that hubby does not care for!)

MorningSong said...

I look forward to those times. When my kids can take things slowing down. Maybe in a year or two. :) They are still young and need their routine, so I have to find distractions. Thanks KD!

Lori said...

I hear ya. Sounds all too familiar. The same thing happens here too. I have to fill the time with a few extra fun things also.
(playdates with friends, renting movies or games, making meals ahead, eating out.
As my kids have gotten older it has gotten easier. Hope it gets easier for you as your kids get older. Glad you have found some ways to make it easier for you.

Heidi Jo said...

i usually just start whining and complaining after a day or two of flying solo. doesn't do much good or teach any valuable lessons. i think i might have to try this method.

nah, i'll just tell him all work trips are off:0)

MorningSong said...

Oh, Heidi Jo!! Been there! Done that! I was an expert. Since I started preparing a few weeks BEFORE he left, I found life is SOOO much easier. On all of us. My first instinct IS to complain and throw my own tantrum. But I resist the urge. :) haha


Short Stop said...

These are all great tips, Melodye! My husband travels for work quite a bit and it makes for some looooong weeks! I love the idea of just reheating meals!