Tuesday, October 2, 2007

I think you should know:

When I brought my son home from the hospital I was thrilled, but tired. Sure, I was tired when I brought my daughter home too, but I wasn't THIS tired. My fatigue was not short lived and my son was soon showing signs of colic. His colic would show it's ugly head from 10 pm - 2 am or so. This was not helpful to creating a peaceful home. Meanwhile, my 18 month old daughter began to have an ear infection.

Three antibiotics later, for my daughter, and she was as stopped up and as green as the first day of her ear infection. My fatigue was growing and felt unending. On my 6 week visit, I mentioned the fatigue to my OB-GYN and his response was, "Welcome to Motherhood." Needless to say I was less than thrilled with his willingness to help me in my time of need.

Our pediatrician had no remedy for JB's colic and HC's ears were headed toward tubes. I was falling apart. I began to cry out to God. I knew there had to be a remedy. I knew I could not remain as tired as I was and make it. I was overwhelmed. I 'found' a healthy TV program and it was full of ideas for better health, but I didn't know what we should do. We went to the health food store and I bought a few calming herbal teas to drink, with hopes that the affects would soothe my son. He was nursing.

The health food store clerk began to list off all the things I should take and give my kids. In the moment of exhaustion, and having no answers, I bought everything she suggested. I then went home and cried in fear. I was about to give my kids supplements with a label that basically suggested 'I was treating us at my own risk'. Frightening, to say the least.

My husband went to work and felt as overwhelmed as I was. He knew I was at my limit. A couple called his restaurant to order food to-go and waited in the lobby as their meals were prepared. (Enter our God moment.) Hubby began chatting with them and the female was pregnant. Hubby began telling of my recent fatigue, HC's poor health and JB's inconsolable crying from 10 pm - 2 am.

The man, who happened to order to-go with his pregnant wife, was a PhD doctor of nutrition. He began asking my husband loads of questions and began diagnosing me. His assumptions were spot on. After he saw us, and diagnosed us officially, he prescribed supplements and a specific diet. Everything he said lined up with the TV program I found and the sales clerk at the health food store. We were relieved and felt at peace following his instructions. We had an official plan, with supervision.

I began taking the supplements, changed my diet and within 3 days I felt 100% better (not to mention JB suddenly stopped his colic). Hallelujah!! We gave HC and JB probiotics (LifeStart by Natren) and HC's ear infection, that would not go away, was gone. She has not been sick since and she used to catch everything that was floating in the air. Here we are 2.5 years later and my kids are healthy and well. Our pediatrician is amazed that JB hasn't had but one ear infection ever. (This ear infection came about when we stopped the probiotics for a few months. We haven't let that happen since.)

So, I think every mom should know about Probiotics at the very least! It has proved a good decision for us. As for me, my supplements were temporary. The PhD doctor said I had an adrenal depletion because of 2 pregnancies in such a short period of time. After following his diet and supplements, I was back to me.

If you are feeling down or you know your kids have been constantly ill - you can find other methods for treating them. I suggest you cover it with prayer and let God show you the way you should go. My story is tailor made for our family BUT - God will do the same for you!! I do not suggest you do what we did, which is why I left out the specifics. I think you should know: there are other choices out there. You know your family best, follow your instincts and seek wisdom.

Proverbs 3:13 Blessed is the man who finds wisdom.

Proverbs 3:18 She(wisdom) is a tree of life to those who embrace her; those who lay hold of her will be blessed.


Amber said...

I love it when we ask the Lord for guidance and He lights the way!!!

God is SO good!!! Thanks for sharing:)

God Bless,

Lisa said...

I just happened to come acrossed your blog and wanted you to know I really enjoyed it :)

Dawnelle said...

That was really interesting- I'm going to check out that site.

Thanks for sharing!

kdwhorses said...

My daughter has taken probiotics when she was having alot of urinary problems. They really helped and she took them with no problem. We also eat alot of yogurt as well. Thanks for sharing and glad you are feeling better!!

Leann said...

the Lord healed me of cancer.it was back 11 years ago when the doctors had given up on me.
they said they had done all they could ,only they didnt tell me.
I had been so sick I had cryed out to God and asked him if I was going to die?
I was laying in my hospital bed so sick I wish I was dead.I asked him if I had heard him wrong,I knew he had things he had promised me and they hadnt come to pass yet.
so I asked if I was going to leave.I knew I was ready to go.but my kids werent.so I said I need to know Lord.so I can get my kids ready.
He said "this is not unto death but for my glory."
I said tell me once more and Ill know its you and Ill believe only you.
Jesus said it once more "this is not unto death but for my glory".

so two days later when they told my daughter I only had 3 weeks to live and she came crying into my room to tell me.
I told her what Jesus told me and we believed Him.
and every time someone came in to try to get me to write a living will.Id say "I aint going no place so I dont need one.
theyed look at me like I was some poor nut case.
and after 11 years they finely dont think I am so nutty..Jesus is so good...he is my best friend been walking with him for 38 years.best thing I ever did was ask Him into my heart.

I told the devil he messed with the wrong fat chic,and that I was going to tell my testimony to everyone I could.and if he messed with me again I would also tell how Jesus got me out of that mess..
sickness and disease dont come from God,he sent Jesus to get it off us.

Mary@notbefore7 said...

Thanks for sharing Melodye. My daughter had colic, but we found no cure, but I recall being in the health food store just overwhelmed with what to do....

Christina Kurtz said...

I have three children (age 3, 2, and 2 months) all of whom have had a bought of colic.

They get it from their dad, who had colic so bad when he was born that the doctors perscribed him a narcotic!!! My mother-in-law, who gave birth to him at 18, had no idea that this was the case until she noticed him sleeping 24/7. Now the crying and pain symptoms were stopped, but he still wasn't a normal baby.

My husband's grandmother figured it out (she's an RN) and had the drugs cut off. The Colic Monster returned and they ended up "slugging it out" until he worked through it.

My children have all had colic and we tried tons of different things to get a solution. Oldest daughter needed a special tea made from caraway seed.(get the recipe by clicking here) Second oldest needed a combination of things (she had it the worst) and my youngest boy needed a combination of DIFFERENT things.

This problem can be solved, but it requires a baby colic remedy SYSTEM of multiple changes, not just one "magic pill". In fact, I think I'll post a series on this on my blog at babycolicremedy.blogspot.com.

Christina Kurtz
The Colic Remedy Lady

Short Stop said...

God is indeed SO good. Thanks for sharing this story. I'm heading over to check out that site now.

MorningSong said...

Yes, God is SO good indeed!

Leann, you have every reason to sing His praises!! We are rejoicing in your awesome testimony.

Christina, I know colic is a tricky thing. I am sorry to hear you experienced it 3 times. I cannot imagine. I know what worked for me, and I am ever so thankful for the answer God provided me. I am glad to hear He showed up for you too.

Lisa, welcome aboard. We hope this will one of many visits you make to our blog!!

Blessings to you all!!

MorningSong said...

KDW Horses,

We eat tons of yogurt too! We usually get the YoBaby Yogurt. My kids LOVE yogurt!


Anonymous said...

We've used herbs ourselves. We have taken probiotics before as well. We found a good brand at a health food store in the area we lived in. Thanks for sharing your experience with us.

Take care,

Lori said...

Great post Melodye.
I wish I had known about probiotics when my kiddos were babies. Especially Derek I was so tired with him. I was in tears all the time.
He was colicy, sick with roto virus and etc.

Thanks for sharing. I'm going to check that link out.

Anonymous said...

Great posts.


Heather K said...

melodye this is a great story! I have one that is amazingly similar...right down to the back to back babies! And I must say that I too gave my kids the probiotics and saw the same results...no more ear infections...the dr. said one more and it was tubes...that was the last one!! God put someone in our path that totally changed our journey through life. It has completely changed how I ever would have done things health wise, with our family! God is SO good! thanks for sharing your story...