Thursday, November 15, 2007

Thanksgiving Tradition

Thanksgiving is in the air. I find myself online searching for color pages and ideas for creating our own traditions. I have such a passion to create a fun and memorable holiday with my family. We teach our kids to be thankful every day but I especially want this message to sink in now.

I am so in love with the fall leaves. All of the warm colors. The cooler temperatures. I feel so alive. Wherever we go throughout the day, I am constantly saying "HC. JB. Look at the trees over there!!" The kids tell me of all the colors they see as we drive. We have driven through tunnels of trees raining leaves down upon us. I just love the fall!

How does your family celebrate Thanksgiving?? Do you have a special tradition? I do not want to overlook this time of reflecting on our blessings and jump right into Christmas mode. I want to preserve this time too! We are beginning our journey of creating traditions and I wondered if you had any you felt like sharing!

By the way, I found this great website with a Thankful e-book you can print for free (The e-book is geared more towards preschool and Kindergarten ages).


Anonymous said...

Thanksgiving Customs And Traditions are, indeed, worth reckoning to keep oneself abreast of the many interesting aspects of the occasion. So be it. A festival as old as Thanksgiving would of course have rich Customs And Traditions that are passed down through ages to posterity.Check out more Thanksgiving Customs And Traditions here Thanksgiving Customs And Traditions

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

In fact, I just posted about two of our most favorite traditions last night! One thing we do is make a simple paper chain out of strips of cardstock, and leave it up in our kitchen until the next Thanksgiving. A great reminder of our many blessings!

Anonymous said...

We do a small fun craft every Thanksgiving. Even dad. We do the traditional hand turkeys. We decorate with feathers and then we also put in the palm something we are grateful for. We share our finished product at dinner time.

Momma Roar said...

What a great website - thanks!! I printed off a Thanksgiving beginning reader book yesterday and Quintin read it to me, my mom and T!! :)

Anonymous said...

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