Friday, November 16, 2007

Go Figure! Get To Thinking Healthy!

Welcome to Go Figure Friday!

I want to tell you all that you are BEAUTIFUL!!! No matter where you are in your weight loss journey or getting healthy lifestyle. Every year women start diet plans and within 6 months 42% will have gained back or more of their weight loss. WHY??? We are our worst critic. We tell ourselves it is okay to blow the rest of the day when we overeat a little. We lose our amount and have a hard time maintaining it once we have achieved the weight loss.

My Dear Sweet Ladies,

We have to not only strengthen our bodies, and change our eating habits. We have to change our mind sets. Why are we losing weight? Do you feel like you loved less because of the extra pounds? Do you think you are only beautiful if you are a certain shape or size? Are you disgusted with yourself when you overeat and feel like you are out of control? Do you let your body image dictate your worth? Do you let it hold you back from doing certain things?

We need to exercise our MINDS. Store up scriptures, quotes, and testimonies to keep us encourage when negative thought patterns enter I mind. They say you are what you think. Hmmmm! That is very interesting. If we constantly talk about the rolls, cellulite, thunder thighs, and every other negative image we will not take care of our bodies the way they deserve. God made us to be healthy so let us look at that way. We might not be a size 6 but if we have healthy lifestyles we should keep striving to be the best that WE can be in OUR bodies. We are all different.

I am going to making some cute little signs to post around my home to keep my negative thought patterns in line. I do think this will be a key help in helping me stay faithful to a healthy life.

Do you struggle with self-esteem? Share ways that you could help build your confidence!


Lori said...

Bible study with friends
Exercising with a friend
Spending time with family and friends
Reading the bible, Christian books,
Self Help books,
Positivie attitude

Anonymous said...

great tips, Lori!