Tuesday, September 25, 2007

OxiCute It!

I have been an OxiClean fan for years! I remember when I first used it.

One day, my son had a large green crayon in his pocket. At the time, I never really had to check their pockets, so I just threw in the laundry carefree.

So, the crayon was washed, thrown into the dyer and then MELTED!!! Traces of GREEN CRAYON were all over the clothes!

I have to admit, I was in quite a panic. I just happen to buy some Oxiclean and I have to admit, I was a bit skeptical if it would really even work....So now, for the true test, was this product really all that it's said to be, "The Stain Fighter"?

I threw in the crayon stained clothes with a large scoop of Oxiclean, half of the crayon came out!!! I figured I give it another go and by the second wash, 98% of the crayon was out of the clothes! Fortunately the other 2% was a pair of jeans (which was hardly noticeable) and a few of my raggedy T-shirts.

Ever since then my children know if they get a stain on their good clothes, "Mommy 's not gonna worry because she'll just OXICUTE IT with OXICLEAN!" (They don't actually say that-LOL!)

Fast forward to a few weeks ago. OxiClean has come out with a new product, Oxiclean Spray-A-Way. All the children were begging me to get this...and no, I'm NOT joking!

I finally bit the bait and bought it. The funny thing is, is my children were more anxious to use it than I was. Shortly after I purchased this, my daughter spilled some orange juice on her shirt. She then asked if she could use the spray on her it. I was reluctant to let her use it, but then she said something that knocked my socks off!

"Come on Mommy, you know that orange juice stains, and the only way to get it off is with Oxiclean!"

(Mary, does this count as a Tiny Talk Tuesday?)

I guess the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. Plus I think Oxiclean Spray-A-Way just found their new spokes person...my daughter;)

PS~ The orange juice stain did come out!


Frazzled Farm Wife said...

That is too Oxictue! I use it on my sons football uniform and I never have to wash it twice. I have bought the spray but haven't used it yet.

Penless Thoughts said...

Not only good advice but cute!

Lori said...

I love Oxicute I mean Oxiclean too.
It works great!

Momma Roar said...

This was cute!! I haven't seen the spray - I'll be sure to look for it. Not because we are a messy family or anything.... :)

Mary@notbefore7 said...

Total Tiny Talk! So cute! I have never used oxiclean...we are just really neat...ahem ahem.

Anna said...

N-I-C-E! I love the oxi-clean!

kdwhorses said...

too cute! I have not used the spray. But use the Oxy clean liquid in all with all the loads I do. I have not used spray in wash in months, I am a huge fan. I will have to look for the spray.